Stem Cell and Cloning

Are there any circumstances in which you would allow yourself to be cloned? Why or why not?

When it comes to reproductive cloning, where it is developed to become an individual, I agree with a teleological argument that re productive cloning can give genetically-related children to people who cannot be helped by other fertilization treatments. Teleology is where a form of human behavior is described as moral or non-moral according to the goals set and only take into account the consequences of our actions. The preference of a goal can be justified by having less severe consequences. A consequence of resorting to artificial in vitro insemination or adoption would be that the child would not inherit the heredity of the couple. With the desire to have their own child, this could also lead to other consequences such as separation or divorce. Another issue with artificial in vitro insemination is there are several embryos which some will be sacrificed as they can no longer grow into human beings. With reproductive cloning, there would be a single embryo that would be able to develop and be born as a human being. (Stefan)

An example of a couple who would benefit from reproductive cloning would be if a couple was to get into a car accident and the wife was left unharmed but the husband suffered head trauma and was put into a coma. When coming out of the coma it was then known that he would be in a vegetative state the rest of his life and would be unable to reproduce children. Teleological thinking would allow them to use cloning to produce children. I agree with cloning in any instance that is for good and if it ever was a possibility I would allow it in this circumstances.