What does Entrepreneurship means to you?


To me, entrepreneurship means recognizing the bigger picture and wanting to work for yourself; finding where there’s an opportunity to create something new, outstanding and unique. It is not only about having the ideas; it is about having the ideas and finding ways of executing them. An entrepreneur therefore, is someone that is out to do things that others may not have the courage to, he is also someone who is willing to fail and start over again, taking the lessons he has learned to create something new and improved.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to combine various input factors in an innovative manner to generate value to the customer while also hoping that the value will exceed the cost of the input factors.

I would like to own an accounting firm in the future and I will do all it takes to separate myself from the competition. Even with a degree in accounting and experience in the accounting world plus CPA credentials, I believe that my strong entrepreneurial spirit is my biggest asset and prerequisite to start. It is often said that some people are naturally more oriented toward an entrepreneurial lifestyle, and feel more comfortable with the uncertainty that comes with entrepreneurship, but I believe that it is definitely possible to work on developing some of the key attitudes and attributes of those who start and grow successful businesses if you want to become an entrepreneur, even if you never had the same attributes. According to our text, when you choose to become an entrepreneur, it implies that wish to you wish to begin something; you’ve started on a journey and although traveling on that journey may not always be a smooth ride, at least you’re in the driver’s seat (Abrams, 2012).

There are many entrepreneurs that i admire so much; one of them is Simon Nixon, a British billionaire entrepreneur. He is the founder of a price comparison website-based business specializing in financial services. This website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of products including mortgages, credit cards and loans. I admire Nixon because of his self-confidence and his innovative skills despite being a college drop out.