Align your goals with employees’ compensation and reward plans

One of the most effective ways to control the service and human operations in your business is to align your goals with employees’ compensation and reward plans (economic, tangible, and intangible). 

Design compensation and reward plans that meet the following goals for each function in the company (e.g., operations, sales, web design, as appropriate):

1. You want to attract and retain high quality, experienced employees to your business.

Part 1: In order to retain high quality employees, I would higher high quality employees in the first place and also provide certain incentives such as more weeks for maternity leave. I would also provide incentives for the workers who pick the grapes. In addition, I would also make sure there would be training and room for advancement in all the business sections including marketing. I would also give a few bonuses during the holidays for exemplary service for each department. I would also give training to whomever would want it to get ahead in the company or move on to better endeavors.

  1. You need to increase your awareness of the winery amidst the tough competition already in the marketplace.

Part 2: The way I would increase my awareness is that I would have the expert managers make sure that the wine is being made right. Once I get that squared away, I would have marketing and the managers have a meeting. I would really have most of the managers and team leads on projects collaborate and create synergy in order to see what the competition is. I would not have them spy, but taste wines at other wineries to see how the taste measures up to ours. It would not really be spying. I would have them get a taste of the competition out there, so that way, we get many different opinions and can see where to proceed. This will help us in the long run.

  1. You need to decrease the number of errors that employees make at the winery tasting room, retail store, etc.

Part 3: I would make sure that we would all have a team meeting in order to stamp out the errors and have a one on one with each of my workers in order to see where we are committing our errors and why. Once that is all figured out, then we can have another team meeting, but for training this time on the correct techniques. There would also be counseling on how to do things.