Thinking about your own Internet experience, can you think of a specific encounter in which information or knowledge clearly improved your interaction with a human agent?  Can you think of an encounter in which the human agent lacked the information or knowledge to make your experience satisfactory?  Be prepared to discuss both positive and negative experiences and what could have transformed a negative encounter into a positive one.

My friend wanted to venture into the freight services business so he went to a certain company to ask for the best units to buy. A friend of his who is already in the trucking business invited him to join his fleet and be a secondary partner to a big-named client. They were to deliver dry goods from warehouse to restaurants and diners, but the client has strict specifications regarding the trucks, as it also follow a strict QA system. My friend, not being familiar with any truck, decided to just ask the agent at the company’s showroom. The agent was able to give him some good options for truck brands, models, and even price and payment process, but because he was not familiar with the main specifications of the truck, he was not satisfied with the answers of the agent. My friend said that he will come back the next day. When he got home he read from the Internet about trucks, and the best brand in terms of durability because he knows that the goods to be delivered will be very heavy. When he got back, he was able to ask more effective questions, and the agent was able to give him a good deal based on what he required.