Use of term “metrics” in internet marketing

The term “metrics” is commonly used by Internet marketers.  Be prepared to explain your understanding of the meaning of the term.

The term metrics is a quantifiable evaluation of a business success, which is gauged by sales made, consumer traffic tracked, and other measurable/quantifiable results that equate business success (Roberts and Zahay, 2012). As such, marketers rely on metrics to understand, assess, and analyze the trend in business that work, including what needs to be improved in order to be successful in the field.

Metrics in marketing is a way to “measure” using graphs and statics on how well a advertisement campaign is doing, how many people visit the webpage, and the best marketing campaigns a company has had. Metrics also help with consumer satisfaction and product popularity. It is a good way for marketers to keep track of statistics of a product, service, or marketing campaign and what to improve on in the future. It is also a way to share information with the company and consumers.