Targeting, personalization and customization are three different but related CRM concepts.  Define each, clearly explaining why they are different from one another and giving an example of each.


It is targeting relevant advertisements to consumers who may have a use for the product. An example is Facebook targets their advertisements to consumers through using consumers information on their recent searches and app uses.


It is a way for a website to have their consumer personalize their page with photos, emoji, and they have to register their information with their website like twitter, yahoo, google, or linked in. They can use that information to help advertise to a person.


Is when the the business creates products that consumer suggest or help create. For example Youtubes YT music has someone pay ten dollars a month and it tracks the songs that the consumer listens to on youtube the most and will customize the customers “offline” playlist if they dont have service or are working out they have their favorite songs saved. The offline playlist updates as the consumer listens to different music so its never the same.