Is Richeson’s problem one of time management or general managerial ability? Would it be feasible to engage a management consultant to help solve the firm’s problems?

For me, Richeson’s problem is one of general managerial ability which resulted to poor time management. General managerial ability includes, time management, delegation of duties to subordinates or employees. A good manager, will know when to hire and the hiring requirements. It is quite wrong for an employee to resume work without any signed agreement, they will definitely do whatever they like because their job is not specified and there are no policies guiding them. However, it is important for Richeson to engage a management consultant to help him solve these managerial problems. According to Longnecker et al, (2012), successful delegation of authority allows entrepreneurs to devote more time to important duties.


If Richeson asked you to recommend some type of outside management assistance, would you recommend a SCORE counselor, a student consulting team, a CPA firm, a management consultant, or some other type of assistance? Why?

Rocheson’s best bet would be to engage a management consultant because they can use their managerial expertise to ascertain the best way to structure the company.

If you were asked to improve this company’s management system, what steps would you take first? What would be your initial goal?

I will first of all design the organogram and hire employees to fit in each of the positions. My initial goal would be to have an effective management and organizational structure to ensure smooth running of the company’s daily activities. The HR manager will have to go through the recruitment and the employment processes before the employees can start working.