Tortilla King

What would be the reasons for and against Christina and David Sloan working for Tortilla King?

What advice would you offer the Sloans?

In the chapter with the discussion of Christina and David Salon in context for the working and the efforts, they were doing work for the brand entitled with Tortilla King; there are multiple considerations in context to the branding which involves the merger of different brands of the top Mexican food including Li’l Guy foods. The merger was aimed to achieve certain goals. The merger was aimed and domain to secure and sustain the Tortilla King as responsibility. This was made possible by Tortilla King’s 20% from of total market share of the respective domain in the city of Kansas.

In concerns to the Christina and David, who were the grandchildren of the founder of Li’l Guy Foods, It is quite clear that they were lifted to give a slight extra-wedging in the deal. For instance, both of them were brought as the members of the board. They both were 2 out of 6 members of the newly formed administration which was quite a better deal. They both were allowed to continue their work as part of the company. Such sort of deal is not usual in most of such mergers; however, the situation went in favor of both David and Christina. They have a slight upper hold in the board team because they were two different power bearers with single approach and concerns. All other could have conflicting views according to their approach, but both of them were representing a usual combination.

The better advice would be to work for the betterment and longevity of the brand. Sloan’s should focus on the extended progress of overall venture which will impact or influence positively on the brand. Without the focus towards this extended progress, the chances of the survival will fade for every stakeholder for this venture which would not be a healthy sign.