Question 1 What psychological concepts of consumer behavior are relevant to marketing this service? Be specific.

      This week’s text taught us about psychological influences that impact the customer: needs, perceptions, motivations, and attitudes. The Aspen Funeral Alternative is seeking to fill a need while giving the perception that they are minimalists and passing the savings on to the client. This mission of cost savings fuels the motivation of the clients who are low on funds or seeking a low-cost solution.

Question 2 How can the stages of consumer decision making be applied to a person’s decision to use a particular funeral home?

      Understanding the customer group that you are targeting is critical in this scenario. Aspen Funeral Alternatives is catering to a minimalist social class, a low-income class, and maybe even to a specific culture that doesn’t want a lavish burial. All of this they can and will provide with amazing customer service.

Question 3 Which CRM techniques could be used by this type of business?

      In this scenario, focusing on the customer and making sure their needs are met and that they are the #1 priority will help ensure customers feels satisfied. This is already a trying time for the family and the last thing they should be worrying about is money. Customers already feeling like the funeral home is trying to save them money will go a long way to help ease the mind of the customer.