Meaning of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. This is creating a business doing something that you love to do. Entrepreneurs are motivated to have their own business and will not stop until they have accomplished it. They have goals set and are working towards them daily to ensure they are met. They wake up and go to sleep thinking about their business and their goals. They conquer every road block that is placed in front of them to ensure their goals are met. They are determined to succeed and will do everything possible to make their dreams come true.

If you aspire to be or would be an entrepreneur, what would be your calling?

Ever since I was a little boy all I have ever wanted to do is drive big rigs. I am in the process of getting my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). I have already started researching products that I can transport for companies. I have researched everything that I need to get accomplished prior to getting my truck on the road. I have plans to start with one truck and progress from there. There are always products that need to be transported.

Cite some examples of entrepreneurs you might know, look up to, respect and want to be like. Or, do some research and find a notable entrepreneur that intrigues and fascinates you. Explain why.

I would like to take the same path as my brother- in-law. He enlisted in the military and served over 20 years then he retired and opened his own transportation company. He currently transports vehicles from different locations to car dealerships. He has been doing this since he retired from the military. He has even hired another driver to operate one of his trucks. I look up to him because he started with nothing and now owns a profitable company.

Second Point of View

What entrepreneurship means to me is that someone owns not only their own company, but their own brand. This means the owner is a creator and puts a stamp on the company they create. There are quite a few entrepreneurs here in the Houston area. One of them is Tilman Fertitta. He owns all the Landry’s seafood restaurants and some other restaurant chains. Everyone has a calling, I believe and it is not always entrepreneurship, but actually that is what I want to do. I do aspire to be an entrepreneur in the way of publishing. I am currently working on publishing my book Amazon. I do want to put my own money into my work and get a good result rather than waiting for a publisher. That is what I want to aspire to. I want to not only publish books, but music catalogs. Music catalogs are a big thing as well. I would publish all kinds of works from people. There seems to be business in publishing. Publishing and writing are my calling. I love to write and edit things as well. There are many entrepreneurs I would want to emulate. One would be the rapper Dr. Dre or Bill Gates. They created things and innovated things that people use today and that have made them billionaires.  In a sense what entrepreneur really means to me is dreams realized. It also means bringing my dream to life. This is what entrepreneurs do, they bring their dream to life. To me, an entrepreneur also does other businesses besides the one their in. They may create multiple parts of the business as well. Entrepreneurship would not only mean creating my own business, but also choosing the right people to share my vision of what I want, such as managers. Entrepreneurship in and of itself makes dreams a reality.