How have Internet revenue models evolved from the original content/advertising/ monetization model? In your opinion, which model(s) offer the best opportunities for sustainable long-run profitability? Why?

Internet revenue models are not the same as they use to be, and now it is easier for the consumer to find products on line. One of the better models and one of the more popular models are the brokerage model were businesses like,, and are utilizing this method were small businesses, and other businesses can utilize the websites by collectively selling products in a “one stop shop” method. It’s a way for the consumer to find the best price, and the best product that they need. It is also a way for small businesses to get their items seen without having to advertise on multiple websites.

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Evolution of Internet Revenue Model

Internet revenue models have moved towards consumer customization. Products are built for customer needs and less built to support the goals of the company.  Tracking the way a consumer spends as well as what they search for has become such an easy task to accomplish that majority of the products found online are to fit exactly that. I believe that application providers will forever be in need. As long as the computers remain the main need to run a business, companies will always need programs that make their work more efficient.