Contacting a website to ask for information

Find a reason to contact a Web site (asking for information, searching for support for a previously-purchased product or service, etc.) and make the contact.  Keep track of the timeliness, correctness, and completeness of the responses.  Describe them and characterize your overall experience.                                  


Just for this assignment, I tried searching for a real-estate website which I can use as a topic. I chose as my subject/guinea pig, to test their responses in terms of timeliness, correctness, and completeness, although this is also a good future reference since I want to delve into the real-estate business when the time comes.  First of all, I really liked the layout of their website. There are buttons for searching, selling, and finding agents. Links to blogs and finance/accounting are also available – right at the top of the page. Searching is also very easy, because users can customize their search according to the number of rooms/beds, the price, and the location. Maps and addresses are also available for easier locating of properties. There are other criteria for refining the search, so I guess in terms of completeness of information given by the website, the company is more than successful in communicating to prospects the regular details for a property without the need for agents or representatives to explain everything.

With regards to timeliness of response, the site is equipped with a chat platform wherein queries are immediately answered. The responses might have been taken from their standard manual, but I know that I was not talking to a robot because when I asked very specific questions, especially about the modifications in payment options, such as monthly amortizations, etc., the representative offered to send a more detailed explanation in my email (with calculations), as well as contact numbers and emails where he can be contacted directly for follow-up questions. It was only a few minutes since the conclusion of our chat, when I received an email from the sales agent. The said email shows calculations of interest and amortizations, as well as options for payment schemes. I replied back in the email for some questions and issues I observed from their calculations, as well as request for advices to give to self-employed professionals who want to own a real estate property at the affordable price. Our correspondence was smooth, detailed, and very quick. It seems that he really waited for my email and responded as fast as he could. Timeliness and completeness are not an issue in this case, as the representatives and sales agent provided to guide were very detailed and speedy in their response.

In terms of correctness, I can gauge their expertise in this area because the computations are detailed, and they are easy to understand. Both representative in the chat and sales agent I communicated to were very accurate in their answers to my queries, especially with regards to choosing the best options that will help me afford a property at the most convenient payment scheme. I was very satisfied with the overall experience.