A businessperson who is not an Internet expert asks you whether the Internet is useful for branding.  What answer would you give and how could you support it with illustrations?

The internet is very useful for branding because most advertisement is done over the internet and most businesses are moving to mostly online business. A business needs to establish itself with online consumers because everything is switching to internet marketing and businesses. For example Macy and best buys are closing stores but they are successful with their online sites because they have established themselves outside of being a physical location. A good way to illiterate this is through graphs and statistics of online growth through branding online and using internet advertisement.

In order for a business to succeed, it needs a brand. Failing to utilize the Internet as a source to present your brand will limit your success and may be the deciding factor on whether or not your business survives. The Internet allows for product positioning and product differentiation to be utilized at the same time in order to target a wider range of consumers. It also allows for you to market through social media which allows more control of your age marketing. Internet allows you to connect to billions of people all while sitting at one computer.