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Kerri  is interested in joining Kappa Alpha Lambda  sorority. She begins to shop at Nordstroms, a local store where the Kappas buy their clothes. She highlights her hair.  She also asks her family for a new car convertible because all the sorority members have new cars. In these instances, Kerri is influenced by

a role conflict.
a consideration set.    Consideration set
a reference group.

The Consumer is the most important person for a marketer to consider when evaluating the Four P’s of marketing.



Hewlett Packard’s Recycle Management program encourages customers to return used ink cartridges so the company can recycle parts of the used cartridges to make new ones. This effort illustrates

cause-related marketing
Green Marketing.     Green marketing
strategic philantropy
ethical marketing

Consumers gathering information about a potential purchase will look in a variety of places for information; salespeople, web sites, reports, Package Labeling, friends & family etc. The problem with friends & family is that we tend to overestimate their knowledge.



Although Alex is doing well bar tending and his income is comfortable, he hesitates to purchase a new car because he is concerned about how poor economic conditions may affect his company and in turn his future employment. Alex lacks_______________

discretionaly income
consumer    confidence.    Consumer confidence
buying power


The McLean family is driving to Florida to visit Disneyworld. They have been planning the trip all year. In Georgia their car breaks down and they learn that it really cannot be fixed.  The had not planned on buying a new car for a while, and now have little time or options to find one.  This purchase is characterized as having ______________.

impulse problem solving
extended problem solving
enduring involvement
situational involvement.   Situational

Items like gum, lighters, candy and earrings are often placed very near the check out area of a store.  Retailers do this in order to take advantage of the _______________ buying behavior.

Cash Cow
Impulse    impulse

Motorcycle buyers can be described as “independent, macho, impulsive, confident people” . These are _____________________ variables which are hard to measure but useful to marketers if there are many products that resemble each other in the category.

Benefit Expectation.  Benefit expectations
Personality Characteristic

The  use of  the BCG Matrix (Stars, Dogs,Cows etc.) during Product Analysis can hep you understand if you have  a product that needs deletion.

True    true


Robert works for an environmental watch dog firm who monitor and report on bad environmental practices by large corporations. He does not own a car,drinks only coffee from growers who are committed to sustainable development and eats organic food. He believes these choices reflect his principles. Marketers can understand Roberts ______________ from these choices also. 

 attitude.  Attitude

Jamie spends most of his free time skateboarding,  participating in extreme sports and traveling to various locations with a group of close friends who share his interests and opinions about most things. This is a description of Jamie’s ___________

.   lifestyle.   Lifestyle



Children often achieve _________________ by observing or remembering thier parents and other family members in purchasing situations. This explains why we often use the same laundry soaps and drive the same cars’ (GM vs. Ford) and drink the same beer as our parents.

social class
role identification
personality.  Personality
consumer socialization

Consumers purchasing such as a house or a wedding gown  most commonly use __________  for these high visibility purchases. 

limited problem solving
impulse purchasing.  Impulse
routine problem solving
extended problem solving

After purchasing a new Lexus, Pablo sees an Infinity pass by on the street and begins to wonder if he made the right choice. Pablo is experiencing________also known as “buyers remorse”.

cognitive dissonance
internal search. Internal search

Over the last several decades there has been an increase in demand for Specialized High Performance Athletic Wear.  More people are running marathons, doing extreme sports like IronMan competitions, and even jumping out of airplanes.  The increase is due to people meeting which of Maslow’s needs?  



Buying a gift for your sisters wedding is very different than choosing one for a friend you knew in grade school.  This difference can be referred to as a ___________. 

A. enduring . enduring
B. limited problem solving.
C. situational influence
D. impulse purchase

Apple products are cutting edge. Because the company has focused over the years on seamlessly tyings its hardware and applications together with an integrated operating system, one works very much like the other. And many apps run on one product just as they run on the other.  No company has as effectively corraled customers to other seemingly different products by getting them to purchase just one.  In turn it breeds customer loyalty. This gives Apple a (n) _________________ over other manufacturers in this product


sustainable competitive .  sustainable
uncontrollable advantage
sustainable marketing advantage
good times

A product may only appeal to ONE (1) level of Maslow’s Hierarchy. 


False  false

Huggies advertizes a diaper in a green box with leafy trees. (The box is not from recycled materials.) The diapers have aloe and a natural scent.  Huggies is using _______________ to sell a product that is not any more environmently friendly than their ususal diaper.

false ad’s
Green . green washing
bad judgement
unethical ad’s

Consumers have begun to seek safer automobiles & legislation is appearing requiring certain safty measures.  Seeing this information, the manufacturer Volkswagon designes a new campaign heavily promoting its safty record and its passneger side airbags to capitlize on this ________________while the strageic window is open.

Objectives.  Objectives
Market Opportunity

The mood you are in when shopping.

The type of store you are in.

Who you are shopping with- friends? Alone?

The reason for your purchase?

Being on vacation vs christmas shopping.

All of these are examples of:

Perception about .  perception
Motivating forces
Situational Influences
Reasons for Purchase

A customer shopping for a printer tells a salesperson that it is important for the printer to have several attributes. It must be able to make color copies, have a high resolution for printing photos and have a scaner. The buyer has expressed his or her

evaluation criteria
cognitive dissonance
consumption . consumption
service characteristics

After several mass shootings the U.S. Government is investigating legislation that would ban certain weapons and change rules on gun purchase.  The National Rifle Association (NRA)  says they will impose some restrictions instead and publish guidelines for gun purchase.  The drawback of this solution is that the NRA is a _______________ and their regulations _______________.

political  organization & are illegal
environmental organization & green marketing
self regulatory group  & have no way to be enforced.
lobbying organization & are illegal



When Katie goes to purchase vodka for her girls night in party she notices a new flavor and a recipe card. She reads the recipe and considers this new option and if her friends would like this drink and it would go with her menu.  Kaite is using _____________ to help make her purchase decision when faced with this new option.

A. extended problem solving
B. limited problem solving
C. enduring involvement.  Enduring
D. routine response

An engagement ring or house is a purchase that is very visible to other, usually expensive and for most people very important. People will shop & search & compare many options.  This buying behavior is characterized as_________________________


Low Involvement
High Involvement.  High involvement
Extended Response
Enduring Envolvement

Professor Barnsback;s husband is a Ravens Fan.  He has season tickets. When the Ravens were in the Superbowl they had a party with black & purple decorations (team colors).  Mr. Barnsback has a ______________ with the Ravens.

strange attachment.  Strange
abnormal obsession
enduring relationship
love affair

Which of the following companies would probably be most interested in tracking discretionary income levels

Harley Davidson .  harley
Safeway food stores
Florida Orange Growers
Dominion Power / Utilities

Considering the SWOT analysis, a poor economy can be seen as a Threat to many business, while it may be an opportunity for others.  For example Wal-Mart, where the prices are “always low”, may consider the situation of a  poor economy differently than perhap’s MACY’s.

True   true


In today’s marketing environment, competitors can take on many forms. A Coke & a bottle of Water can be generic competition for each other. Ugs boots can be seen as a competitor for an AMC Movie Ticket.  In this example the boots and tickets  would be described as _________ competitors.


total budget
.  monkey.  Monkey


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