Women earning more than Men at rise

I believe that this change can most definitely be beneficial to those who choose to embrace the change. It should not matter whether the wife or husband is the one earning the most money. But a woman that earns more money than her husband usually has to put up with small arguments and comments. These marriages typically result in divorce or do not last long. If the marriages do last then the woman tends to take over more household tasks. In most situations it makes the husband uncomfortable and sometimes mad that the wife is the biggest bread winner. This is a common stereotype of American households, in an ideal setting the man should be the “sole” bread winner, while the woman stayed at home with the children. The article mentions that in a census in 2011, that the median income for a white, married, college educated woman was around $80,000. It also mentioned that when the woman is the primary breadwinner that the total income was higher. The percentage of marriages that have the woman as the primary bread winner are still around 24%. However only 28% of Americans actually agreed that it is better if the man is the primary bread winner. This article also predicts that in the future most women will be the sole bread winners in their family because women are more likely to go to college than men are. I think that this is a good change, however I also believe that it will be very hard to change a stereotype that has been ingrained in people’s heads since they where born. Stereotypes will always be there, they will never disappear. However certain stereotypes can be changed or modified, if the younger generations are becoming more accepting of the fact the most women will or can be the primary breadwinners of the family, then their beliefs will be passed down onto their children. However the male ego is not something to take lightly, male ego means that men believe they should be the “head” of the family. They should earn the most money in order to provide for their family, and if their wife contributes more income then them then they feel less manly which causes them to act out. However this isn’t a change than can be controlled, it is one that will gradually become more and more common. My personal opinion is that if couples can learn to look past who is earning the most money and instead seeing the benefits form it, then woman being the main source of income can benefit many families.