Does true altruism exists?

I personally believe that true altruism does not exist. It is human nature for people to be selfish, and so there for this contradicts what a true altruistic person would be like. No one is unselfish. Everyone has a selfish side to them, even if they typically put others before themselves. Most people act in this manner of helping people for selfish reasons. Maybe it makes them feel as if they are contributing to society, or maybe they are helping others because they know that they will gain something out of it, such as community service hours which would look good on an application. Whatever the reason may be, people act in a way that is selfish whether or not they actually realize that. In an article named “Does True Altruism Exist,” it is stated that “many psychologists and philosophers have argued that there is, in fact, no such thing as true altruism.” It goes on to argue that “altruistic acts are self-interested, if not because they relieve anxiety, then perhaps because they lead to pleasant feelings of pride and satisfaction; the expectation of honor or reciprocation; or the greater likelihood of a place in heaven; and even if neither of the above, then at least because they relieve unpleasant feelings such as the guilt or shame of not having acted at all.” I completely agree with these psychologists and philosophers that true altruism does not exist, nor will it ever exist because we as humans naturally want what’s best for ourselves, and will do whatever it takes so that we come out on the upper hand.