What is the Triple Bottom Line and how is it used?

Triple bottom line (TBL) means that any choice ought to dependably try to join three contemplations: would it say it is fiscally, socially and environmentally capable? Thusly, we persistently streamline our business performance and improve our commitment to the social orders we work in. The TBL is an accounting framework that consolidates three measurements of performance: social, natural and monetary. These contrasts from customary reporting frameworks as it incorporates natural (or ecological) and social measures that can be hard to appoint fitting method for measurement. The TBL measurements are likewise commonly called the three Ps: individuals, planet and benefits. There is no all inclusive standard strategy for figuring the TBL. Nor is there an all around acknowledged standard for the measures that contain each of the three TBL classifications. This can be seen as a quality on the grounds that it permits a client to adjust the general framework to the needs of diverse elements or diverse geographic limits (a city, area or nation).