Primary Causes of Migration and Global Migration

  1. What is the primary cause of global migration (migration from one country to another)
  2. What has changed about the nature of global migration?
  3. What are the two characteristics of immigration to the U.S. that make it different from the rest of global migration?
  4. What is one possible benefit of global migration for sending (poor) countries?


  1. Every person has his reason but most people move from one country to another due to economic reasons most immigrants are motivated by higher wages more opportunities in the other country.

People migrating for the fear of persecution or regarded as refugees amounts to only 5% of the total migration. Two basic inequalities that made people to move is demographic inequality and economic inequality. Young people prefers to earn 10times and that is achieved by migration to developed countries.

  1. The number of immigrate has increased two hundred and thirty two millions about 3% of world people has moved to another country and the south to south immigration are nowadays bigger than south to North immigration. Traveling facilities and clear immigration policies have a lot to do with the change of global migration. Companies and countries making global strategies to attract talent around the world and that has played its role too in change of migration’s nature. Communication, transportation and rights revolution are the change of migration’s nature witnessed in the recent year.
  2. The U.S is the country of immigration 1.1 million every year are legal about 3000 immigrants every day but others can be unauthorized, illegal and undocumented. Not only is that, one out of five legal immigrant lands in the United States of America. What makes the U.S.A unique is that it also takes about 25% of illegal immigrants in the world. The two main factors of immigrant are the Inequality and demographic in economic

4- The benefit is to develop the world by reducing poverty, diminishing demographic economy by providing government benefits, entrepreneurs and providing government benefits. Poor people can also came in through migration and they often drain the government’s resources. This can especially be associated with Europe. Oil-rich countries are challenged with the management of these immigrants.