Cue1: Position of the products: This cues is utilized in many retailing stores when a new product or even an existing product is intended increase its sales. A product is positioned in a specific height at the isle which is more visible to the average target consumers. The consumers won’t notice that a marketing tactic is used and may make a purchase for the item. In our case, an XBOX is placed at around 3 to 4 feet from ground so that youngsters can see it and make a purchase.

Cue 2: Endorsement: During a movie, a movie star is playing a video game with his XBOX. This is a form of endorsement thought it is not an advertisement, still the fans of the movie star are influenced to create a likeness of the XBOX. They see their favorite movie star enjoying an XBOX and they want to have the same fun.

Cue 3: Packaging: The packaging of an XBOX is usually very attractive. I have an XBOX 360 and it has a greenish packaging. Green color is good on eyes. I think that this packaging and other of XBOX packaging are designed in the light of much research to unconsciously influence the consumers. Who might be in an electronic store looking for electronics, especially game consoles.

Cue 4: Test playing: Inside electronics shops and other retailers who sell XBOX game consoles, I have several times noticed that XBOX games are ready to be used by the customers. You can even stand in front of the Kinect, which is the sensor that enables interactive gaming and start playing. Though we may not realize, this is just like a test drive and has the capacity to influence a purchase.