Success in College and Future Success

Discuss the relationship between success in college and future success and how success in college might five a person an edge. Include specific examples to support your argument.

Success in college is a form of academic success that has the capacity of enabling a person to be well equipped with the necessary skills required to be good at a future job. We live in a digital world where access to information is much easier than it used to be in the past. But does it mean that just anyone can be as successful at mastering skills learned from the online information as a person from a formal educational institution. I don’t think so. Cappelli (2012) have described a phenomenon called “skill gap” which is the inability to master key skills like critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal communication. The question is how the skill gap can be minimized because this gap is reported to be increasing (Harris, 2015).

Now a days colleges do focus on providing its students opportunities to engage in academic activities that would flourish their critical thinking. If fact critical thinking and decision making are among the most important course contents in many courses. During my college times, I still remember that we were provided with situations with problems and we have had to solve these problems utilizing critical thinking and decision making strategies. Pack (2016) have discussed the relation between the role of educational institutions and its preparation of students for future. According to Pack (2016), educational institutions are developing educational strategies to minimize the skill gap and equip their students with the necessary skills so that they can be successful in the future. Colleges are playing an important role in guiding students make future decisions such that they can choose a right higher educational path. Success in college would mean a way forward towards a better career. Turner, Breneman, & Pusser (2007) suggest that success in college is key to the American future. This suggestions sheds enormous light on the importance of college success for future success as it has been associated with the successful future of the country itself.