Statement: Not securing a good GPA

As is evident from my transcripts, I secured the lowest GPA, 3.01, during my first year of studies in the USA. I am aware that this is not the best GPA a student can secure. With this statement, I would like to explain the genuine reasons that contributed to my securing a low GPA. I have been improving since then and have secured a GPA of 3.8 in my last semester which signifies the fact that I have the capacity to improve with time and effort. The fact that my GPA has improved significantly also depict that the reasons that I want to present for not securing a high GPA in the beginning of the course are genuine and not just an excuse.

When I first arrived in the USA the culture over here was totally different and it required time for me to adjust here. I must confess that the education system in USA is much more different and productive than back at home. I was trying my best to adjust to the changed circumstances and had been progressing successfully. But at the same time there was a war going on in my home country, Yemen. Saudi Arabian aircrafts were continuously targeting different targets at Yemen. I had to go through a deep psychological stress as I was worried for the safety of my family in Yemen. My own region was not left alone by the war and several missiles dropped from airplanes fill in the nearby where my family resided. I tried my best to concentrate on my studies but how could I? I think that those were the times which proved to be my worst nightmares. I was always stuck to internet watching news websites and praying to God for the safety of my family and all other people who were continuously affected by the war in Yemen.

It is beyond imagination to have been exposed to a level of psychological stress. I even told my family that I would come back home as it was not ethically right to stay away from the family when it is in trouble and needs you, but my family ordered not to travel to Yemen in war. I was waiting for the work to get over or at least cool down. There were times when agreements were made between different warring parties due to UN intervention. These agreements did provide me hope but none of the agreements stood tall for long. But still there were efforts made by the international community and I must thank God that with time things got better. My family also remained safe which gave me hope and strength.

With situation getting better in Yemen, I was able to start concentrating on my studies and as I said earlier, my GPA got improved. I hope I was able to explain the circumstances surrounding my academic shortcomings effectively with this statement.