Three Songs that helped me in College


While in college, there are some songs which inspired me, made me feel better, work hard, and affect me in a positive way that helps me learn college higher education. Some of these songs are discussed below.

“Alright” by Kendrick Lamar

“Alright” by Kendrick Lamar is a musical video and it is among the best music videos of all time. The song is within an album known as “To Pimp a Butterfly album”. It is the only song in that album that expresses the message of hope. The main message that I got from this musical video is hope. As an Arab American, this song gave me hope especially with the continuous discrimination of our ethnicity in the society. In any moment that I found myself watching the video or listening to its audio, I knew that everything was going to be alright in the future.

This song gave me an insight that no matter how much or for how long some individuals are oppressed; they will still be uplifted in one way or the other. Some of us in our college are facing racial discrimination from our fellow students and some of the lecturers. This is not a good experience, though, therefore listening and watching to this inspirational music was one way of keeping me motivated. Research has shown that music can help in increasing motivation level (Asmus, Edward P.). This song also explains the important of serving heavenly God and including him in every activity that we involve in and we will be alright because God got us. This made me be prayerful and include God in my studies who I believe helped me continuing my college higher learning with good grades. There were times when I felt empty and did not took interest in my studies, but I started to pray to god to give me strength and I was able to concentrate on my studies that led to excellent grades.

Happy by Pharell Williams

I often believe that happiness is also a human right and it should not be confused with laxity or worthlessness. I believe that everyone is being blessed to be happy at birth and it is necessary to recognize its existence. As a result, for the universe to be right then individuals must be happy. Therefore, when I am in college, I have to be happy most of the time in order to keep things right. One of the songs that helps me to understand the importance of happiness and give me a reason to be cheerful was a musical video known as “happy” by Pharell Williams. The song talks about pursuing passions and participating in different activities.

This song inspired me to take full participation in the school soccer team which I believe it’s my passion too. Music have a positive influence on sporting activities according to research (Priest, David). While participating in things that I love, I become a happy student with little worries. Nevertheless, the songs motivate individuals to participate in their hobbies so as to avoid working the whole day. The song also addresses the importance of believing in oneself which is also the key to happiness. This message helped me to develop self-confidence and from then I started believing that I can be anything I want to be if I put all the necessary efforts.

Happiness helped me not to be ashamed of the poor grades that I could get in some units but instead inspired me to work and improve my performance. Happiness helped me to use my strength and weaknesses for the purpose of success. The song also stresses the importance of living a social life that will help one to live a stress-free life full of happiness. I would suggest everyone to have a profound social life and meet family and friend regularly to stay fresh and happy. Sharing your stresses with them will help reduce them.

Work Hard Play Hard by Wiz Khalifa

I was the type of student who often believed in working hard and playing hard. I used to like watching musical videos and listening to songs that encouraged individuals to work hard and play hard. One of the best songs that I could get a direct message in relation to working hard and playing hard is a song known as “Work Hard Play Hard” by Wiz Khalifa. This song is within an album known as O.N.I.F.C. In his song, Khalifa is singing about himself, that is, how he works hard as an entertainer were he does multiple rapping and grooving in the video. As a result of working hard, he ends up making more money. Some of his money he uses in having fun and making new friends which represent the act of playing hard.

In this video, some people have been featured doing their work in the best way possible for example, a construction worker, a high school athlete, and ballerina. These workers symbolize how different individuals involve themselves in different jobs while working hard to meet their day-to-day activities. He also went ahead and say that an individual has to do whatever it is that he or she has to do because that is their job. Listening to music during work can increase work productivity (Ciotti, Gregory). This song motivates me to work hard so that I will also be in a position to play hard because I like having fun a lot and meeting new people

This song helped me to focus and concentrate on what I do best and what I like spending my time doing. It was a guarantee that after working hard there will be a positive pay off. I believed that working hard will not only help me but also the society because as a student I knew very well that there is nothing as good as sharing what you have with others. Therefore, I knew that the knowledge that I will get from college higher education will be used to help others. I would suggest loving the work you do and trying to opt for the work that you love to everyone. This way you will enjoy your work and at the same time enjoy the music that you listen while you work.