Virtual Meetings

Find 2 study cases about companies who used virtual meetings one success and one failed! Say the story of 2 and put 2 discussion questions at the end.

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Virtual Meetings

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Virtual meetings have participants from multiple locations communicating to each other about a specific topic. These meetings can be conducted through video conferences in real time with the help of applications like Skype, and other software applications.

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Virtual meetings are used around the world in a successful way. They fulfill the goals that is expected of them. For example, Bradford Bradford University career service have been using virtual meetings with students who do not live in Bradford effectively. These students are provided career help and other academic guidance through virtual meetings which are conducted via Skype. One to one interaction is made with students by academic counselors who guide them in their academics.

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Virtual meeting may not be desired by all. For example, Forbes conducted a survey of top executives of different organizations. These executives had a profound experience of face to face meetings as well virtual meetings. The majority of these executives stated that they would prefer more the traditional face to face meetings in contrast to virtual meetings. The main reasons they stated were the facts that face to face meetings provided an opportunity to engage deeply with the participants of meetings and were a source of greater bonding and inspiration than virtual meetings. These executives also said that face to face meetings are more efficient in business decision making than the virtual meetings.

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Discussion questions

  • Can webconferences, videoconferences and other virtual meetings really take the place of face-to-face contact?
  • Which one is more productive, Virtual or traditional face-to-face meeting?

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