Should You Listen to the Customer? Presentatioon

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Harvard business created fictional case studies to discuss management and leadership. Issues that may exist in the business world. This specific case study is about management issues and their solutions. A fictional dance company Delacroix is discussed. Importance of research into customer feedback is discussed in this case study.

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The question of launching a research into customer needs and requirements is thoroughly discussed. Customer feedback could either mean helping the company or distracting it from its original mission.

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Ignoring customer feedback could be harmful for a company. Their feedback should be valued and used to bring changes in the company. The same is with their preferences and choices.

But listening to customers and bringing changes to according to their needs and expectations could only bring financial.

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Both employees and customer help each other. Big scale companies need to know their customers and their needs and requirements.

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I would suggest Mario D’Amico. The company can be open to changes as suggested by Mario D’Amico. Get the customer general feedback about what changes and other thing they want. Evaluate this general feedback with the help of experts. These experts would most likely come up with the best interpretation of customer general feedback which could be in the best interest of both customers and the company. The innovative changes suggested by these experts should be tested and then adopted if


they prove to be beneficial.

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Henry needs to allow Natalia to conduct the customer survey so that valuable data about the needs of customers is collected and utilized to bring about changes in the operations so that the mission of the company is not lost plus more people are attracted to the dance performance. Mutual understanding of each other’s point of view is necessary to go forward in a positive direction.

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