Introduction to American Government Inauguration Analysis


Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability.  If you use information form an outside source or that is factual in nature, please be sure to cite that information in accordance with the written guidelines on the course syllabus. Your answers must be uploaded to the link provided in the assessments tab of the course.


  1. What is the purpose of an inauguration?

The General purpose of an inauguration is to conduct a formal event to mark the beginning of something. In political terms, Presidential inauguration means an official ceremony conducted in the wake of the beginning of the term of a president.



  1. All but six presidents have taken the presidential oath in Washington, DC. Who were the six presidents that did not and where were they sworn in at?


  1. George Washington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  2. John Adams, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  3. Theodore Roosevelt, Buffalo, New York.
  4. Calvin Coolidge, Plymouth, Vermont.
  5. Lyndon B. Johnson, Dallas, Texas.
  6. Chester Alan Arthur, New York City.


  1. Thomas Jefferson was the only president to walk to and from his inaugural. He was also the first to be inaugurated at the Capitol.


  1. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to include African Americans in his inaugural parade.


  1. Harry S. Truman was the first president to have their inauguration televised.


  1. Bill Clinton was the first president to have their inauguration to be broadcast live over the internet.


  1. What are three initiatives President Obama mentioned in his first inaugural address?


  1. Funding for construction of healthcare facilities ______________________________
  2. Investment in technology to put paper health information records on electronic files ______________________________
  3. A medical home demonstration __________________


  1. Was President Obama successful in these initiatives? Why or why not?

I do think that Obama succeeded in these three initiatives. Obama was successful in converting these initiatives to hi healthcare program called Obama care. 20 million people have been insured for health over the past few years under Obama care program.

  1. What are three initiatives that President Trump mentioned in his inaugural address? Do you think these initiatives will be accomplished?  Why or why not?
  2. Economic Nationalism: Trump promised that he would make sure that would bring all the jobs back to US that have been transferred to other countries. I think that Trump might have been using very simplistic view on jobs leaving US. The world economy may not be so simple to elaborate the way Trump does.
  3. Justice: Again Trump is portraying the country to be full of crime and he can resolve all the issues with a magic wand of strict justice. I think that it would take some proper planning to resolve the issues related to crime in society and strict law and order arrangements may not be the only answer. Social justice including minority rights and education for the marginalized communities should be preferred over strict justice policies.
  • Building the Wall: I think that Trump might be able to build the wall over a few years. But Mexico may not be the country to pay for it, as Trump assures the nation. This money would have to go from the American tax payers pockets.


  • Please identify three similarities and three differences between the inaugural speeches given by President Obama and President Bush? What do you think these similarities and differences tell you about President Obama and President Bush as leaders? Please explain your position and provide examples.

The three similarities between the two speeches are: 1. both the presidents stressed on the importance of democracy and how democracy has been damaged and they are going to repair it. 2. Both of the presidents stressed on the importance of individual liberties and how they will strive to protect them at any cost. 3. Both presidents talked about the hopelessness of the American people and how they will bring back hope the hope that has always existed in the American democracy.


The three differences are: 1. the main difference, in my opinion is that Obama has been more focused on issues than general speech like Bush did. For example he gave initiatives about healthcare system. 2. The second difference is the speech of Obama was aimed at avoiding wars and conflicts in the world and bringing back the forces, while during the times of Bush first inauguration, US was not actively participating in wars. 3. Obama speech spoke more of inclusion compared to that of Bush who talked about the rule of law and order.

In my opinion, from their speeches, I would say that Obama had more leadership qualities that Bush had. Obama spoke of inclusion and coming together. It points towards the delegation of authority and letting other people take control. On the other hand, Bush tried to be in control and be the boss. There was a significant difference between the body languages of the two presidents as well. President Obama seemed relaxed and happy, while Bush was happy but seemed stressed out.