Importance of Hollywood Case

Why are Hollywood labor unions considered necessary?

There is no doubt that famous Hollywood actors get a huge amount of money for their work. Most of the time they do not negotiate their fees when they are requested to act in movies or other programs, instead they get what they want. Same is the case for famous screen writers. Having said that, there are cases when these actors may be require to work in conditions that may have hazards to their health and safety. Therefore, there is always a need for labor unions which could ensure their rights in such conditions. There are many other actors who are not that famous and other workers working in Hollywood film industry. Their rights are also protected by these labor unions.

Why is striking often avoided if possible?

Strikes have their advantages when any other solution has become impossible. But it has its disadvantages as well which could affect not just the parties on both sides. In Hollywood like industry where time is an important factor for completing entertainment programs, strikes can hit hard. For example the strike that was organized by Writers Guide of America had cost the industry 5 months and $500 million. Therefore, strike is avoided and instead face to face negotiation is encouraged.

Why do you think unions in the entertainment industry are banding together?

Artists put great effort into the entertainment projects at Hollywood. Their performance not just entertain but also inspire generations. Unions in the entertainment industry are banding together to gain the necessary power that they need in the negotiation processes that are conducted for artists rights. For the same reason, in 1925, the Masques Club, and in 1933, Screenwriters Guide were organized. These and other unions are helping the Hollywood labor and facilitating negotiations in the wake of any of their grievances.