Five sources of political conflicts

Describe and provide an example of the five sources of political conflicts. Which of these sources of conflicts do you think could be the most destabilizing for a country? Which of these sources of conflicts do you feel is currently most evident in the United States? Describe.

The five sources of political conflicts are Power, Resources, Social Identity, Ideas and Values. Power is a source of contention as there are different people who want to be powerful to control the society. Resources may be another cause as there is a struggle to control the resources of a society for example the natural resources of a country. Social identity can be a source if a fragment of the society thinks that their social identity is at a threat.  Socialism and capitalism are the examples of the different Ideas which could be a source of conflict. Values may be some moral principles with which a society is expected to be run. For example freedom, equality and justice are some of the values.

In my opinion, the “IDEAS” can be a great source of conflict if there is a situation where people nationwide start to think that the economic system of the country is only to serve a few people and not the majority.

In the United States, I think that we can observe the Values Conflict at present, after the start of President Trump. His opponents think that he is violating the American Values of equality and wants to treat people from certain religious and ethnical backgrounds differently.