Write a 500 word evidence based, argumentative essay stating what grade you think you earned in the IGED-270 Diversity in Hip-Hop culture course spring 2017 semester. In addition to responding to the aforementioned question, the essay should also be a reflection of the term, for example: What did you like most about the course? What did you like least? How might the course be improved? Did you gain anything from the course, if so what?

Argumentative essay: Discovery Diversity in Hip-Hop Culture

It was the first time I tool such a course that involved the description of cultural norm that were formed by the development of hip-hop music. I tried my best to attend the classes and discussion that helped me get acquainted to concepts like culture and cultural diversity, examining social groups and how these groups are formed and come together, understand stereotypical behaviors and its advantages and disadvantages. From all the course work, exams and class discussions, I am hopeful to get a B grade. I know this may not be a perfect score but I think that for the time being, being new to the concepts and finding it challenging to digest these concepts, B is an appropriate score for me. With time, I would be taking similar courses, not primarily related to hip-hop culture. I hope to improve my grade then.

There are many aspects of the course that I liked and enjoyed. I was not aware of the cultural movement’s influences of hip-hop or any other music genre before. I believed that cultural movements are shaped by only movements that are based on getting out to streets and chanting in the favor of an ideology or whatever you stand for. But now, I have realized that there are many ways a culture can be motivated by. It could well be music. Hip-hop is one of the instrument that was used as a motivation in the late 80’s and till now as a medium to deliver message of peace, social and economic rights and justice.

I understood hip-hop culture from different perspectives. One of the perspective was how it defined a specific culture. We went into depth of the theory of hip-hop, what it stood for in the past and what it stands for now. Human relationships are also covered by hip-hop. Hip-hop has an inner ingredient that compels it to talk about sexuality and how the society treats the men and women differently. Social justice may be delivered differently to men and women. For example women might be discriminated only because they women. Hip-hop also shed light on social classes and how they are treated. Power is a subject that has been discussed in hip-hop since it has come into being. Especially how the powerful elite controls the economies and justice system and manipulates it to serve their vested interests. Hip-hop educates its audience about all these and many more issues and motivates them to break their silence and have their say.

The course was a good starter for me. I think that there are still some ways the course can be improved. I think that by subtracting some course content for the syllabus could improve the course. The course is trying to teach too much in too less time like a semester. The importance of the course calls for a more thorough discussion of the course contents. We might have tried to cover too much that could have left some of the important aspects of Hip-hop undiscovered.