Why the invention of pottery is normally associated with Neolithic cultures?

Neolithic signifies the transition of humans from the Stone Age to a new stone age in which humans were more civilized and started to live in organized villages (Frank, 2013, p.244). This was a major shift towards a stabilized communal life. The reason pottery is associate with Neolithic cultures is the way these people used to live and their need for pots in their daily lives to keep their livelihood, especially food items in organized places. It was a transition for humans from being simply hunters to become people involved in agriculture. Humans took a step to be technologically advanced. Clay pots for storage purposed signifies this technological advancement.

Another reason for associating pottery with Neolithic culture is that humans had developed to think artistically. Pottery and its different designs and coloring may signify this shift towards being more artistic. Neolithic farmers especially were able to develop geometric abstract artifacts like clay pots.