Why is the human figure rare in Islamic art?

Islam is an Abrahamic religion which means it shares the same roots as Judaism and Christianity (Frank, 2013, p.329). Islam originated at the present day Saudi Arabia around 1400 years ago. It is one of the major believe in the present world. Islamic art can be found in Persia, India, Spain and other places. These places were concurred by Muslims at different times in history and the art of that times is mostly influenced by Islamic ideology.

Islamic art consists of different artifact including pottery, paintings, and Islamic architectures. It is true that human figure is rarely found in Islamic art. The main reason behind it is that Islam as a religion is against the worship of any kind of living or no-living thing except God. In order to stop idol worshiping, Islam forbids to make any image of a human saint or any other important religious personality so that these images are not used as idols and worshiped.