How Google meets Standard?

Quality of products and services: To assure the quality of products and service, Google’s employee suggestion is a key driver in Google’s product development process. Their product is first released internally across the company allowing the employees to play around with the product and provide feedback to the product engineers and managers. This is done to ensure that the employees give the product their vote of confidence or lack of it before the customers get to use the product. This process helps them identify the flaws and problems with of product and rectify where necessary.

Long-term investment value/ financial soundness: Google has a high profile recognition program that is designed to give extraordinary rewards for extraordinary team achievements. They reward teams that have created something that is of value to the company. They award regarding Google stock units that vest overtime. They also grant money to employees who are working on many different projects. It provides a significant upside to the employees based on accomplishments with an added incentive that those accomplishments are much more likely to occur. They invest in their staff for the long term to ensure they deliver the best in every product.

Global business knowledge: Google has a compensation philosophy that provides pays in ways that support its primary business objectives. It includes supporting the company’s innovation culture and performance. It also partners with several organizations and conducts recruiting events to bring together a workforce that reflects its globally diverse audience. Also, it supports several organizations that provide after school programs, mentoring relationships and technical skill workshops for underrepresented minorities who may not be exposed to science and technology. The company also holds quarterly meetings to check if the teams have accomplished set objectives.