Explain how Google meets Standard

Quality of products and services

To maintain the standard of quality of products and services in Google, the operation management decisions are taken in Google through innovation, debugging, iterative testing and from user involvement. It is ensured that the products when released to the market have no or minimal bugs and errors. The faculty of the company use debugging and testing method. And then Google also send to the user to send error reviews and reports frequently to them, so that company or firm use them to improve the quality of the product. Google determines the quality of their product on their personal basis of criteria. For making the standard of quality, the company works on the different operations to rate the bugs/errors correction, stock out, and repeat complaints of the customers.

Financial soundness

To maintain the standard of financial stability in the company, Google makes some standards. That are to keep company and personal finance separate by saving money for yourself, not all on the business which protects from liability in the case of trouble. To improve and maintain the financial stability, they work on some strategies. First is to reforms the rule of bankruptcy to handle large institution of finance. Second is to maintain a macro-prudential policy to set appropriate and permanent capital for the company. The third is to re-establish monetary policy in the rules of the company.

Global business knowledge

To maintain the standard of global business knowledge, Google makes the communities with business professionals that share the information and knowledge about Google web technologies for the success of business. The global business group works on improving the technologies of the company. They run by the passionate professionals that benefit to the company by bringing the web local business communities, and the volunteer by improving productivity, efficiency, and also impact on the overall success of the company and business. They make a network to help community members running, building, and expanding their company and business.