• Identify a company you would possibly like to work for some day
  • Visit the company’s website and research the HR Department, Jobs/Careers section, and other sections you think may apply
  • For your first post, submit the following information on the DB by Thursday at noon.
    • Do you think the list is complete? Why or why not?
    • What other social media would you suggest? Why?
    • Share your first impressionof the “careers” section on your company’s website
    • Identify the different ways you can contact the recruiter with social media
    • What else did you learn about the company/see on the company’s website that impressed you and makes you want to apply for a job?

Company I would like to work for: Starbucks

Here is the link to the company website that I explored.


I want to work at a high position in the Starbucks coffee company. Therefore, I explored their website and found it very impressive. I think that the list is complete. As it includes all the things that are necessary for the applicant to know when he/she thinks about working at that company. We can connect to the Starbucks through Facebook, pin interest, Instagram and Twitter. Today, almost all people have their accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Therefore, I found it very easy for an individual to connect to the HRM of Starbucks through their website.

I found the “career” section of the Starbucks very attractive and satisfying. There are various hyperlinks to find out the information about the career at Starbucks. We can see various job positions at different locations of the world under “Working at Starbucks” option. I found two options in it. First, is “Work in our stores” and second is “work in our corporate office.” Therefore, it is very easy for a person to apply for a specific job position as per his/her education, experience and knowledge.

I learned various things about the company. It includes all the information about company’s history, mission and vision, current projects, products and future plans. I found that Starbucks have the maximum number of stores worldwide among the other franchises. The Starbucks cares about both the customers and the employees by creating a positive environment for them. I think the cultural values, high-quality products and image of the brand is what makes me want to apply for a job there. I can easily connect to the recruiter through Facebook and Instagram. Even I can directly apply on the website for the job.