Why do artists establish directional forces in a work?

I have observed that when I look at a piece of art work, my attentions seems to be drawn to different points of the art work. After studying directional forces, I have come to know that artists may deliberately use directional forces to direct the attention of the viewers in specific directions in the painting. For an artist, the whole art work may not be equally important. Some parts may be more important than others. This is why they may play with the axis on the medium to connect different points that act as attention catchers.

The geometry of the medium can be utilized to produce directional forces. Different linear perspectives can are used to emphasize on different events that are depicted in a work or art. For example still line, “|” can be used as a representation of being still or motionless. In the same way, lines in 45 degree, “/” could be utilized as a representation of motion.