Writing an Effective Speech

Writing an effective speech can be tricky at times, depending on the subject and audience. First of all we have to put down the main points that we are going to talk about. The main points depend not only on how big the topic is, but on how much time we have. Usually it is better to give 10 minutes for every main point.

Another thing about giving a speech is to create a buzz that will leave people talking about it for some time and grabs the attention. It also depends on who is giving the speech, the reputation of the person talking makes people attend the event. The subject should be interesting to the audience and mind challenging, especially when there is an interaction with the audience, instead of just talking the whole time. A feedback is very important to know where people are at and what points to elaborate more or skip.

The speaker has to give arguments that make sense to the audience, by knowing what their interest is and what their experience is regarding this topic, which build trust between two sides. The key moment in creating a buzz after your speech is to talk about surprising facts for example that will leave people wondering. The speech has to be progressive, getting more in detail with the main points, with the bridge or chorus in between for people to get their thoughts together.

When it comes to controversial issues or when we are trying to show the audience another side of a story or convince them with something, it is not enough to just talk about it and explain all the positive and negative sides, the audience should formulate that idea for themselves with your help. So the speaker will seed an idea, and then get past it by giving some information about it, but in that time, people will be thinking about that idea, and by hearing more facts about it, they will make up their mind by themselves. This gives way better results than just explaining it, and people who want to relate to the subject or feel they need this information for their life or business or anything else, they will understand it.

It is important to keep the ideas in order, organized and clear not to create any confusion. Each point will have a verse or paragraph, then after it goes the chorus with the main point of the presentation, this way it will get stuck in people’s mind, when they hear it over and over during the speech.