Roles of the President of USA


The president in the United States has several roles that they have to perform.

  • Chief of State: which means he has to be the inspiring example for the people. Other countries may have a king or queen for the same reason. He is the symbol of the country.
  • Chief Executive: the president decides how the laws should be enforced and chooses people next to him that would help run the executive branch. He is the leader for government workers in the executive branch.
  • Chief Diplomat: he decides what American diplomats and ambassadors have to do and say in foreign countries. He chooses advisors to make the foreign policy.
  • Commander-in-chief: the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines are all under the president’s command. He is in charge of them. The military generals take orders from the president on where to station the troops and how many ships to send and so on.
  • Legislative leader: the president does not have the power to make laws, this job is for the Congress, but the constitution gives him the power to influence the lawmaking process by urging Congress to pass new laws.
  • Chief of party: it is the president’s role to help members of their political party get elected to office. When the term ends, the president has the right to campaign for reelection, or support members who supported their ideas and policies.
  • Guardian of the economy: it is the president’s duty to ensure that the country has low unemployment rate, take care of high prices and taxes, as well as businesses and the general well-being of the country. He does not run the economy though, he just makes sure everything is going as planned and in the better direction.

There are other responsibilities for the president like what to do in cases of emergency, taking care of foreign affairs, as well as executive privileges which mean giving the president the ability to withhold certain information from the public.

I believe the president should have less power nowadays because the constitution was written many years ago and many things have changed since then. The constitution was written when the country was just starting to get formed, and nobody at the time knew what this country would look like after a couple of hundreds of years. So now with the new technology and nuclear power that has the ability to destroy the whole world, I think the powers of one person are exaggerated. Although the president does not have the power to declare war by himself without having an agreement from the Congress, he can still very much influence that decision just like what happened a decade ago.

I think it is a lot of responsibility for one person to handle, especially with a huge country like the United States. There are many aspects that have to be taken into consideration for the whole country to prosper, and if parts of it are lacking improvement or coordination, the whole system will feel the influence. The current president has no prior experience in this field, and people are concerned about how he will guide a whole country especially in fields he has no knowledge in, so in cases like these, I think it is better if the responsibilities are reduced and split between more people.