Google’s Organizational Overview


Google is one of biggest the online company. Their search engine is known and used by millions of people around the world. The organization was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 (Inc., 2016). The company has grown enormously over the last two decades and has become the leader in the online industry. This report is about the organizational functioning of Google. I will be identifying different aspects of Google as an organization. Some of these aspects would be related to Google’s strength while others would be related to its weaknesses. Towards the end of the report, I would provide some recommendations that Google might want to have a look into to improve its organizational processes.

Strengths of Google

Google is an innovative place to work at. All its employees are encouraged to participate in different organizational activities and share their ideas. Google has become one of the leading company in the world which provides its employees all facilities within their offices. Google is a company which makes almost all of its money from online sources. Its AdSense program has been around for more than ten years. This is an advertisement platform which encourages website owners to participate and make money by hosting Google’s ads on the websites AdSense, G. (2016). This made Google a pioneer in allowing the online community make money as individuals entrepreneurs by making attractive websites which could attract online users in high number

Application of TQM (TQM)

Google applies the basic ideas of TQM in its processes. For example TQM advocates that employees should be made participants in the decision making process. Google does the same by empowering its employees to engage in organizational decision making (Jarrod, 2012).

Organizational Layers

Google’s organizational structure is not strictly based on any hierarchy. There are leadership positions like CEO and CTO but they do not enjoy full power to make all organizational decisions. Instead they have a participative organizational structure in which employees in different departments set together and brainstorm different issues and make a decisions after listening to all the stakeholders.

Are Stated Organizational Standards Practiced?

Google is one of the most culturally diverse place to work at (Diversity, 2017). Google believes in creativity rather than the race and believe of its employees. Google organizational culture is based on respect and all its employees are encouraged to cooperate with each other. There are many people from different nationalities and ethnicities who work at Google and we have never hear of any discrimination inside Google based on race or religion.

Role of Employees

Google’s employees play an important role in the operations of Google. These employees are encouraged to be innovative and share their ideas with the leadership who can do appropriate measures to convert an innovative idea into reality. Inside Google, there are communication channels that ensure that any employee can communicate a message to the top management at any time and quickly. These messages may contain suggestions or even complains. All these messages are entertained in a timely manner.

Role of Leaders and Leadership Style

Google leadership is the founder of the company. They play an important role in making Google what it is today. According to Larry Page, the cofounder of Google, “you never lose a dream. It just incubates as a hobby” (McPherson, 2010). This believe in dreams and incubating them into a hobby is what keeps Google at the top. Google’s leadership is what makes Google an innovative place. A place where the leaders want their employees to be active participants in the organization decision making and innovative solution is a great place to work at and it would definitely come up with innovative inventions on regular basis.

Recommendations for Improvement

After reading about the facilities that are provided to employees at Google (Google, 2016), first I was astonished as Google’s headquarter seems to be a wonderful place with all facilities of the world available inside. But then in realized that if Google’s employees would find all worldly things inside their office, why would they even bother to go out of it? My recommendation here is that Google should encourage its employees to go and see the outside world and engage with different people. Social interaction and observing the world is also a way of coming up with innovative ideas.



It is clear from the above discussion that Google is a role model for other companies to follow. The issues that are discussed should be addressed to make Google shine further and be a friendlier place than it is currently. The employees feel recognized and learn to be innovative as they spend time at Google. Google, as an organizational is a great place with an organizational culture that is based on respect.



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