I Hate Working in Groups by Dr. Marty Martin

In this video, the renowned psychologist, Dr. Marty Martin talks about working with people in the form of groups, which most of the people do not like at all. However, this is the demand of some professions to work in the form of groups. The major purpose of this presentation is to give general ideas to enhance some concrete skills, which might help people about working in groups. People work in groups when they have a common purpose, and they commit not by just words but by actions. The major reason of working in group is to achieve a target that an individual might not achieve alone (Martin, 2014).

The good thing about this presentation is that it discusses a number of ways to encourage people about achieving the peak performances through working in groups. For example, Dr. Martin shares inspirational stories related to sportsmen and other team leaders. Also, it thoroughly defines the PowerPoint of Prezi about cross training. Martin gives examples that how we can apply these skills in out groups and how we can enhance our skills. Overall, this video presentation is quite motivational for goal achievers who can achieve their goals through team work (Martin, 2014).

The Asch experiment is quite supportive for not only professional teams but also for group of students in projects. I am one of those people who do not feel so much comfortable while working in group as compared to working alone. After watching this video, I have now a thorough guideline that how the ambiguity among social loafing and lack of cooperation can be overcome. Everything we need to improve is our own skills and mentality, just as the social psychologist have suggested in the video. Enhancing skills for team work is actually important because some jobs and projects cannot be done alone, just as in the field of management and marketing.