Case Study: Ford Fusion

How did Ford use strategic and tactical planning in its launch of the Ford Fusion?

Ford had great expectations from their Fusion cars. They had done a comprehensive strategic planning over six years of time spam which involved careful planning, tactical implementation and continuous monitoring of all operational activities. The strategy was aimed at fulfilling environmental responsibilities by keeping Ford Fusion environmental friendly. Ford also had a goal of providing the best customer service possible to gain the loyalty of their customers. Ford devised a One Ford Strategy that involved adapting to current market demands, improving financial planning and teamwork. On the part of tactical planning side, Ford maintained a quality working relation with its suppliers. They also focused on the design of the automobile and devised a good marketing plan.

How did the companywide One Ford Plan contribute to the project-specific Launch Readiness plan?

The main four ingredients of the One Ford Plan were to adapt to the market demands, improve the rate of the production of new products, improve financial management and focus on quality team work among the employees involved in the development of Ford Fusion. I think that these four objectives of the One Ford Plan contributed highly to the Launch Readiness plan. One Ford Plan made it sure that the status of the market is analyzed so that at the Launch, the company is ready to provide enough products to the customers. Financial management was improved to keep a profit margin and at the same time provide an affordable product. Team work played an important role in making the whole strategic planning work and getting ready for the launch.

What was the role of implementation in the success of the Ford Fusion?            

Implementation plays an important role in the success of just any strategy. In the case of the strategic and tactical plans, I think that the most important role was the implementation of these plans. The process of implementation helped turn strategic and tactical plans to materialize in order to achieve the objectives that were set for the Ford Fusion project. Properly devised strategies may not be successful if their implementation is not up to the mark.