• Which stakeholders are most important to J&J and why?
  • How does J&J ensure that all of its many operating companies adhere to the credo?
  • What are the main areas of social responsibility activities for J&H, and how do they relate to the credo?

    Johnson and Johnson

    Firms that are involved in Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is ethical framework refers to an entity of an individual or organization that is beneficial for the society. It maintains the balance between ecosystem and the economy. Social responsibility initiatives are ethical responsibility in which an entity is accountable for fulfilling its civic duty. Many firms are proactive in terms of social responsibility initiatives. They are: –

    IBM: – It is the biggest firm that involved in social responsibility initiative. The social, attractive projects of this company extended across the societal issue. The employs volunteer of this company are in education, health, literacy, environmental efforts, culture and economic development. This company is established to enable employees and retirees to find volunteer through placement and training.

    Dell: – Dell supports more than 4,615 charities all over the world. It provides the educational facilities and technology in 11 countries. The social innovational challenge of Dell provides mentorship and funding to the students of college that will help to solve the social problems.

    LinkedIn: – It the firm that heavily involved in social responsibility initiative. LinkedIn’s purpose is to give back to the community through resources and volunteerism. Their initiative is to initiate global learning programs, discussing global justice and volunteering in communities.

    Social Responsibility at Johnson and Johnson

    The various internal and external stakeholders are important in Johnson & Johnson to operate and lives in social, governance matters and environmental which increases the strength of business. It is health care company which is the most recognized and important stakeholder of Johnson & Johnson. The stakeholder is important to Johnson & Johnson because: –

    • By their engagement improves the health condition
    • Has ability to Improve environmental, social conditions
    • Give opportunity to learn from one another
    • Helps to set the priorities that guide the business in future and also helps in to understand social needs
    • Meetings are conducted with stakeholder to identify the goals.

    Johnson & Johnson ensures all its operating companies adhere to the credo. Credo is a one-page document of employees is built into the organization for setting responsibility of customer, employees, the communities in which they work. It allows to retain and attract people. The company sets the goals based on the principle. Credo creates a framework that helps in decision making considering the quality and their impacts. One of the credos is to protect our planet by conserve energy, preserve the natural resource, minimize waste and improve manufacturing and packing practices. Johnson & Johnson first credo is for all who uses their product and services which should be of high quality and less cost. They must respect the dignity and recognize the merit of peoples who are working with them by giving security in their jobs and employees must free to suggest the views and complaints. Equal opportunity is given for development, advancement, and employment. They should encourage the better health and education improvement.

    The main social responsibility activity for Johnson & Johnson is for patients, doctors, and nurses who are using their products and the services. They provide these products and services should be of high quality and less cost. Their social responsibility is also for the employees who work with them. They should respect the recognize of their merit and their dignity. They should provide security in their jobs by compensating they’re adequate and fair. The employees who are working in their firm are free to suggest the suggestion and complaints. The employees should provide the equal opportunity for advancement, development, and employment. The social responsibility of a firm is to support good works and charities. They must encourage better health and education. They should maintain the property to use by protecting natural resources and environment. Their social responsibility s also towards stockholders by giving them new and best ideas and doing research to innovate the development of the program, providing new facilities, launched new products and purchased new equipment.