What are the major differences between global, foreign, and local consumer culture positioning? Why are these differences significant?

Global Consumer Culture Positioning (GCCP)

It is used to identify the brand a insignia for a specific segment of global culture. GCCP is a symbol that help to recognize the behavior and consumption pattern of a particular culture that not shared in the other parts of the world. GCCP is a traditional communication strategy and considered most significant for communicating with global elites, teens and trotting laptop worries of the globe who are also a member of transitional commerce culture.  For instance, Slogan of Sony brand is ‘My First Sony’ positioned itself as an electronic brand of youth who is living with eagle eye parents across the globe. High-tech products like iPhone, iPod, video cameras, MP3 players and other items of same of related technology are fallen into these categories.

FCCP (Foreign consumer culture positioning)

It is a positioning strategy that linked with the brand users, product, use occasions and users of the brand’s origin with the foreign culture or a country. It positioned a brand as a symbol of particular foreign consumer culture.






FCCP is significant for setting the global framework of marketing by language, story ad theme. For instance, Foster’s Brewing Group proudly use nation brand in all its promotions and print ads.

LCCP (Local consumer culture positioning)

It is a strategy that associates the brand with the local cultural meanings, reflect local cultural identities, norms and depict local products for the local consumers. For instance, Budweiser and Dr. Pepper positioned at the USA as a part of American lifestyle.

Significance of differences

FCCP, LCCP and GCCP differences are significant for television advertisement and meaningful positioning. LCCP is significant and frequently use as an important part of the brand positioning in the television advertisements as compared to GCCP and FCCP.  GCCP is less commonly used in the USA for television promotions as compared LCCP as compared to other countries. GCCP less utilized for the advertisement of products like food, high technology, personal care and household products as compared LCCP.