Think of a problem that you have recently been faced with (personal, work-related, etc.). Illustrate how you might use the sequence-attribute modification process on your problem? What are the limitations of this method? Do you think that the outcome would have been different if you used the sequence-attribute modification process in the original decision making process? Why or why not?

I would like to discuss my admission plan in the near future according to the sequence-attribute modification process.

I the first step I would gather as much information possible about different universities as possible including the course they are offering.

In the second step, I would make choice of the course and remove any extra course and the universities that do not have the course I chose.

I would add look at degree programs and their relevant courses and make a list of them.

I would regularly look for any modifications to the course and degree programs till I have applied to them.

One of the limitation is that all the data has to be perfectly organized, otherwise the results would not be as desired.