Six-step approach to achieve long-term improvement of business ethic

Before explaining the six-step approach, we need to know what is business ethic. Business ethics also known as professional ethics are the moral values and principle of business organization that helps to deal with the problem faced by the organization. These business ethics must be followed to maintain a long-term advantage. So, here is the six-step approach that is necessary to achieve the long-term benefit of the organization. The six step are as follows:

To establish a set of rules for a code of conduct–  code of conduct is important because it gives moral behavior which acts as basics for making the right decision and hence to increase the reputation of an organization and neglect negative thought and maintain a positive relationship with the organization.

Beginning and the current training – when a new employee joins the company, on the very first day give the initial training so that he/she can understand that what kind of work he should perform and how to perform within a time limit to get high output in lesser time. So, beginning training is basic training for new comers of the company. And after that give the current or on the job training with a stipend. By giving stipend, they get motivated and focus towards their work and do well for the company.

Identify the reporting official calls- it is a commitment and ethic toward one’s company. This reporting may include the illegal, legal, unethical, or ethical behavior of the company towards other.

Implementation and action of work–  it means to follow the rules and regulation of the company and do the work according to company’s policy. The good plan reflects the good behavior.

To give a reward to the employees-  it is one of the best ethics that any organization can follow. Everyone likes that their work should be praised by other, so by giving a reward to the employee for their good work, the company shows gratitude towards their employee. Hence it creates a positive environment in an organization.

Maintaining the dignity of the company by regular communication-  communication is the best way to solve any problem. The effective communication skills at the workplace have many benefits. It helps to reduce chaotic conversation between the organization, and one can easily understand what you are trying to explain. Employees appreciate good communication that comes from management.  Regular communication provides a healthy work environment within and outside the organization.