Transnational Ties and Immigration

When the immigrants keep connected to their home country (sending country) through difference means and ways, like sending money back home to help family, making investments in home country businesses for returning purposes etc, it is termed as transnational ties. Ties are actually the attachments back to home and family in the immigrants’ sending country. Some of the transnational ties are explained by considering how they participate in political and social networks and discussions, celebrating their religious rituals and experiencing their own culture etc.

Global Connection and immigration

Global connections as per the readings means when immigrants connect with the people, businesses, and social entities back in their home country as well as in the other countries around the world. As per the readings, rapid developments in the communication technologies has promoted ease in global connections and has brought the world quite closer so that immigrants can communicate globally with much more ease as compared to past.

Global Networks and immigration

Global Network is not only made through communicating over advanced telecommunication lines and technologies but also through immigration. When people from different cultures and backgrounds and nationalities come together in a receiving country, together they form a global network.