Using Pessar 1999, provide at least 3 examples of immigrant women’s “gains” and “losses” in terms of the emancipatory nature of migration. Use different groups in the US to explain your answer.

Unmarried Dominican women are considered as bad if they prefer to immigrate. They are considered as bringing bad name to their family because of having sexual freedom. This brings a bad impression to Dominican women in their society. There has been a majority of the Asian immigrant women who get a divorce because of their greater earning and more contribution to the household. This difference in the capability of contribution to household frustrates the husbands and eventually they divorce their wives.

Immigrant women employed in the United States have gained greater independence and personal autonomy because they earn more and contribute more to the household. As per a Vietnam’s immigrant statement, where men were dominant in Vietnam, they have now been brought down to feet of women in the US. Most of the Asian immigrant women enjoy the liberty of their domestic labor being done by their husbands.