Comparison between European and United States approaches towards border management

European and United States approaches towards border management

Although rates of incarceration as presented by statistical surveys show that United States has been at the top in incarcerating unauthorized immigrants. However, comparing on the basis of promoted mentality about immigrants, European immigration control laws seem to be more discriminative with respect to immigrants. European laws and policies seem to more racialized and stereotyping in regards to immigrants. The rates of imprisonment history shows that immigrants are imprisoned 6 – 10 times more often compared to the nationals in European countries. Limited access to civil, social, and political rights, hyper-incarceration, and the constant threat of deportation contribute to the creation of grey area of legal vulnerability in case of Europe. However, in US, once an immigrant has entered, there are rare worksite inspections and as long as one does not have a criminal record, he or she easily can live and make living in the United States.

Thus the comparison shows that both Europe and United States immigration regulations come with shortcomings and problems, however, European regulations are more vulnerable in terms of racial discrimination.