Cell Phones and Communication Skills

Gikas, J., & Grant, M. M. (2013). Mobile computing devices in higher education: Student perspectives on learning with cellphones, smartphones & social media. The Internet and Higher Education, 19, 18-26.

Gikas and Grant (2013) explores the teaching and learning with the assistance of mobile computing devices like cellphones, smartphones in higher education context. The paper also includes the role of social media. The method used in this research was focus group interviews (discussions) with students of higher education institutions. The findings suggest that mobile computing devices and the use of social media provide opportunities for interaction, collaboration and also helps students to engage in content creation and communication via social media and Web 2.0 tools. The source provides significant and authoritative findings and literature regarding the impact of cell phone and communication technologies on the learning and communication among students.

Nah, K. C., White, P., & Sussex, R. (2008). The potential of using a mobile phone to access the Internet for learning EFL listening skills within a Korean context. ReCALL, 20(03), 331-347.

Nah, White, and Sussex analyze focuses on the attitudes of how language teachers use mobile phones for the purpose of enhancing listening skills among students. The paper investigates the potential of mobile phone to browse wireless application protocol (WAP) sites in learning system specifically for listening skills. The study is based on input, interaction, output and sociocultural theories, as well as on collaborative, learner-centred, constructivist and task-based learning approaches. The study experimented the use of WAP technology with a group of undergraduate students enrolled in English as a Foreign Language course at a Korean University. The findings of the study suggest that positive attitudes existed among language learners towards the use of WAP technology. The study established the effectiveness of WAP technology in helping listening skills by providing students centered and collaborative learning environment.