Provide two examples of how Asian Immigrant men and women challenge the patriarchal authority of Asian men.  What effects does this have on status and power?

One example where Asian men challenge their patriarchal authority is that majority of the Asian immigrants who own a self-employed business not only put their female counter parts to do all the domestic work but also take their services for free to run the business for extended hours. This shows a clear example of how Asian men test their patriarchal authority thus limiting professional and social opportunities for women while enjoying all the privileges by only working a shift at work and no domestic labor.

An example of the women challenging the patriarchal authority of men is the group of immigrants in the professional fields. Been living with whites in their premises, men have to share part of the domestic labor with women equally and sometimes even more than them. Although such Asian men have never been taking part in the domestic labor while in their sending countries. Even the women in the health sector who go for extended shifts to earn more for the household while men have lesser opportunities to work, also put their men to take care of the children and domestic labor.