Teaching effectiveness and use of technology

Berkowitz, M., & Eisenberg, R. (2000) Teaching Information & Technology Skills: The Big6 in Secondary Schools, Linworth Pub.

The book written by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz is the most widely book used in elementary schools. In this book information and skills used in the schools have been discussed and how different approaches are used in the schools. Problem solving models are present in this book and these models are applicable on the situations present in different schools. Specific tasks are present in this book that determines how to use technology in elementary schools along with the specific skills that are required for the development of the problem solving techniques.

Lee, M., & Winzenried, A. (2009),The Use of Instructional Technology in Schools: Lessons to be Learned. Aust Council for Ed Research.

The author Lee and Winzenried have researched on the issue if using various and modern technology in the classrooms for students. The book is written by Lee and Winzenried and both authors have discussed various aspects of using technology in the classrooms. Use of technology for making learning an aspect of fun is explained by the authors. Along with this authors have mentioned that technology needs to be transferred in the hands of the teachers, so they can work closely on the projects and make good use of technology. Authors have researched on very important topic that the proper use of technology is possible by the teachers as they well known from the requirements of students.

Harvey, C. (2010). The 21st Century Elementary Library Media Program.


In this book the writer, Harvey is discussing about the level and quality of technological services that vary from school to school. Author has explained that technological impacts are different in schools on the basis of districts. Software’s programs introduced in the elementary schools have been different and they are on the basis of government funding that varies from district to district. This book is very important in describing the technological impact on the working of schools and in the studies of students with modern machinery.

Ediger, M. (2003). Teaching Social Studies Successfully. House.

In this book the author writes about an important issue of modern world where the use of technology is most important in classes. Author has emphasized on the fact that the use of technology in elementary schools is important because it is now becoming the major part of the school curriculum. Author has given examples of various industries and has emphasized on the fact that when every sector is automated and companies are using technology then elementary schools should also introduce these aspects in their schools. This research is important because the writer have talk about the use of technology in many other fields.

Villada, E. (2006). Technology integration for teaching Spanish in elementary schools. ProQuest.

This book has various examples of the elementary schools that have properly followed the elements of technology in their schools and they have shown great results over time. This is the reason that the book written by Villada, is describing about many schools that are using technologies and presenting these as the specimen to follow by other people.  These results are measured on the basis of various procedures that are explained in the book. Learning different languages can be difficult but with the use of technology many issues can be resolved. In this book the writer has explained about many things that are possible with the help of technology.

Lippman, P. (2010). Evidence-Based Design of Elementary and Secondary Schools: A Responsive approach to creating learning environment. John Wiley & Sons.

Author of this book is Peter Lippman and he has designed various programs that can be implemented by the use of technology and he has given various examples in his book. He has mentioned that the use of technology will help in creating a change that will be beneficial for the environment as a whole. The research made in this book is very much important because in this book thevarious programs have been introduced that can be started with the use of the technology. With the help of these studies the different programs can be started with help of modern technology.

Kemker, K. (2007). Technology in Low Socio-economic K–12 Schools: Examining Student Access and the results. ProQuest.

Author of this book has examined various aspects like financial aspects and the economy of the country in developing programs that are using technological aspects in the elementary schools. These aspects are present and in most of rural side elementary schools this issue is present in them. Students of rural and urban elementary schools have been presented in the book and deep examination of the technological programs has been given by the authors with the comparisons of different schools. The studies are important as in this various kinds of economic and social impact are described in this book that is very useful for many people.


Hemphill, C. (2005). New York City’s Best Public Elementary Schools: A Parent’s Guide. Teachers College Press.

The book is written by the Hemphill in year of 2005 in which he studied about the various public elementary schools of New York City, the explanation used in this book is very much useful.   Hemphill has used and examined the best practices of the elementary schools that have shown good results over years and these results are depicted on the basis of programs that are conducted by the schools. This book can be help for the parents so they can easily select the best schools for their children. It is important for parents and teachers also in order to follow the rules and ideas.

Blair, N. (2012, February 1). Technology Integration for the New 21st Century Learner. Retrieved from http://www.naesp.org/principal-januaryfebruary-2012-technology/technology-integration-new-21st-century-learner

The article was written in the year of 2012 by the famous writer, the Blair, and the he described the role of teachers in using themodern technology in very useful way.  In this article the author has examined the role of teachers in developing new dimension of technology that needs to be envisioned by the teachers. In classrooms it is the role of the teachers to implement technological advancements like you tube sessions and other interactive sessions that have an excess to the internet and in this direct use of technology is taking place. The article is very important because it is describing much advancement in technologies that are very important for many people.

Bhaskar, K. (2013, September, 13). Impact of technology in elementary schools. Retrieved from http://edtechreview.in/trends-insights/trends/658-impact-of-technology-in-elementary-classrooms

The article was written by the Bhaskar, K in the year of 2013, September, 13. The article was named the Impact of technology in elementary schools; it was very important article because in this article the research was conducted on use of technology in elementary schools.  This article discusses about the importance of technology in the elementary schools and how this aspect of technology can make learning more interactive and fun for the students. Statistics have been shared by the writer about the schools that have been using technological aspects in designing their curriculums. It also discusses about the factors that can help in enhancing the use of technology in the elementary schools and an analysis is presented for the schools.

Singer, N. (2014, September, 14). With Tech Taking Over in Schools, Worries Rise. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/15/technology/with-tech-taking-over-in-schools-worries-rise.html?_r=1

The article was written by theSinger, N in year of 2014, September, 14. The article was named as “With Tech Taking Over in Schools, Worries Rise”. In this article the Natasha has explained the use of technology in the elementary schools and serious draw backs of this issue. Issues like bullying, cybercrimes and anxiety is increasing in the students. Pressures to communicate on social networking sites increases as more and more students are exposed to the internet. Only in some schools the use of technology is showing positive results while on the other hand issues are also present that are discussed by the author. Article was very important it talked about the use of technology.

Gray, R. (2014) Should Elementary Students Use Computers in the Classroom? Retrieved from http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/should-elementary-students-use-computers-classroom-10735.html

The article was written by the Gray R. he described use of computer and modern technology in very useful way. The author has explained the factors that are in the favor of use of technology in the elementary schools and this is explained with the help of various points that are explained by the author. The author has managed to explain motivational factors and enhancement in skills of the students with the use of technology. Author has managed to give arguments and counter arguments over the use of technology in the elementary schools and how can technology help in managing the change process.