What is trustworthiness? Explain how employees can gauge the “track record” of their supervisors. 

An expert’s dependability is characterized as the trademark or qualities of a trustee that move trust. Sooner or later, our trust starts to be founded on perceptions we’ve created about the specialist, rather than our identity of manner. Along these lines, insight based beliefis driven by the expert’s “reputation.” Investigate recommends that we gauge the status of an expert along three measurements: capacity, honesty, and consideration. The primary analysis of dependability is the position, characterized as the aptitudes, capabilities, and specialized topics that empower an expert to be useful in some particular zone (Guba & Lincoln, 2015).

The second measurement of dependability is respectability, characterized as the observation that the specialist clings to an arrangement of qualities and rule that the trust or finds worthy. At the point when experts are seen to be of sound character, it implies that they have uprightness that they have legit thought processes and aims. The third measurement of reliability is altruism, characterized as the conviction that the specialist needs to do useful for the trust or, aside from any egotistical or benefit focused thought processes.